Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Vacation!

Yesterday I booked my summer vacation for August.  My company is actually quite good, giving vacation corresponding to time put in.  What with the business trip and the extra time I've been putting in for the myriad projects I've worked on since last year, I can take a little over three weeks this summer.  Win!

I've planned to do a lot of camping, fishing, and to take a wood working course.

My grandfathers were a structural draftsman and a carpenter / cabinet maker respectively (the last having built the house he raised his kids in), while my dad is an engineer.

I'm sort of the odd one in my family, as most of my uncles and cousins do similar work.  One of my cousins is a sort of big shot musician, but all the rest do engineering / metalworking / manual type work.

Lately I've had the urge to go out and build shit.  Playing with power tools and making cool stuff sounds like a great way to spend some time.  What can I say?  I seem to come by it naturally.  You should see my dad's workshop.

Pretty much as soon as I had filed my vacation dates, I received an email from one of the offices in Seoul asking if I can organize a 2 week seminar for their new employees and interns.  The dates correspond with my vacation.  They'll pay me an extra 300 manners plus expenses to do it.


The pay ain't bad, the work is manageable, and two weeks in Seoul. . . I'd still have a week to myself.  But damn, I have been looking forward to some time in the woods and playing carpenter.  I want to make a nice solid 4-5 person bench to go along with my awesome kitchen table.

Lately when I've gone camping I've felt pretty good when I get back.  Getting out of the city and working with my hands, organizing and setting up a campsite, it's been fun.  I haven't felt hugely motivated to stare at a computer screen since coming back from England; I'm figuring it's burnout.  The wood working course and time in the woods would probably help a lot.

I've got a couple of days to sort it out.  Let's see what happens.

Time for coffee.


Anonymous said...

30 manners? 300000 won for two weeks? that sucks.

F5Waeg said...

300 manners, 3 million won. Fixed.

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