Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Coffee has come a long way in the ROK.

When I first got here, what passed for coffee was Blue Mountain 'tea', a watery concoction that cost 6 chonners a small cup, or the powdery cancer inducing slop that you could buy from the ubiquitous coffee machines for a few bek won coins per paper cup.

You were hard pressed to find real coffee in any of the shops in the Wonj.  Every time I went up to Seoul I'd drop 5 manners for 2-3 one kg bags of something decent that I'd carefully horde and measure out, eying the calendar to see when I'd make my next run to the big smoke.

One time I thought I had scored the mother lode when I found a bag of beans in the black market downtown.  I scoured the city for a grinder, eventually settling for a piece of shit hand cranked job that was obviously designed as a decoration.

It all proved futile.  Inside the bag were pieces of beans leaves branches and god knows what else.

I tried to drink it, but gave it up.  It was more suited for dyeing clothes than drinking.

Now on every corner there are cafes, franchises and independently run shops, rotisseries that import beans from around the world.  Most people still drink the instant stuff for convenience, and it can have its time and place.  I still grab the bulk of my coffee in Seoul, as the price of the stuff at Costco reminds me just what a bunch of gangster price fixing sharks the Emart peeps can be.  I like to fine grind beans.

June's been after me for years to buy an espresso machine.  Frankly I prefer the stuff from a slow drip or a bodum.  The best cup is made outside in the early morning while camping, using a small paper filter and poured slow.  Pure Awesomeness.

I drink 2-4 huge cups a day.  Each cup is about 600 ml.

Time for a cuppa.


Anonymous said...

mcdonald's coffee is the best. hate to say it.

F5Waeg said...

For some reason, I completely expected someone to make that comment

F5Waeg said...

Wait, what was I saying? Mikey D's coffee is shit. At least what they serve in my beloved ROK

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