Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ever since June quit her day job, I've had to take on a few extra side jobs to pay off the loan we took to start up her business.

I really didn't want to because I have more than a full plate as it is.  But just at the time a number of offers came in unsolicited, June opted out of her day job and the extra has to come from somewhere.

The kicker is that she has been using that extra to start up a 'savings account' for 'retirement', instead of paying off the loan.

I hate not having much in my own account.  It's always nice to have something there just in case, so I could see us through until everything were sorted.

But!  Trouble in paradise!

I recently dumped a fairly high profile client because they were complete dicks: demanding discounts, wanting too much stuff for free, canceling jobs at the last minute, despite how I reserved right to turn shit down due to my more than full time employment.

This is the bane of Korean service: you start up, and everyone expects the moon for free.

Guess what:  fuck them.  I'm doing them a favor by giving a low price for what I do, such as copy editing for 5 chonners a page, because they are friends with my old friend Kim.

When I told them I couldn't continue due to current demands at work, they threatened not only to get me fired at my current job, but they called up June and instigated a huge fight.

June then berated me for not sucking ass harder.  She said I should learn to take more shit.

The woman I've signed / invested 7500 manners into for a business, who quit her day job because 'it was too much', is reproaching me.

Welcome to my world.

UPDATE: last night I kicked her out of bed and told her to go sleep with the kids, which she usually does anyway, since she felt she could reproach me after I signed the loan, was willing to take on extra work to pay off said loan when she quit her job, and she wasn't even using the money to pay off the loan. 

Things were frosty this morning and she threatened to move out.

When I got to work, she sent me a text saying to just quit all my extra since I don't want to work hard.  Nice.


Anonymous said...

Keep on keeping on brother... I think.

Bert said...

That's what you get for marrying a Korean. One year for me was enough for me to know I could never marry into this stupid culture. the stats are not good for marriages to survive for mixed couples.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will serve as a warning to any other american do gooder trying to be a white knight

F5Waeg said...

Bert, glad you left. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Anonymous 2: not sure what is going on in your head, but I'd recommend you clean the shit out of it

Jake in Korea said...

That "saving for retirement" thing is what a lot of ajummas say when they are actually just stashing part of their husband's salary away for THEMSELVES. The Japanese even have a word for it, they call it "hesokuri". Economists even use "hesokuri" account balances as an economic indicator. This is basically "bailout money" which they may eventually use when their kids graduate from school and the wives choose to ditch their husbands. After all, he's already exhausted his worth, right? Many Korean women do the same thing, not that it applies to your case.

My k-wife continues to save absolutely ZERO publicly, though I'm sure she's built up a healthy stash of "private money".

F5Waeg said...

yeah it's a phenomenon I've heard of before from several of my older adjusshi friends, whenever they get morose and talk about twilight divorce. Suddenly wife is living a better life than husband, despite having never had an income generating job outside the home in their life. Hence why I was pretty pissed when loan wasn't getting paid down, it having my name on it and all, and all I got from her was that the bank wouldn't let her make monthly payments. I'm like a bank would say no to receiving money? um, ok.

Not that I think she would actually do that, keep money from me, but it does leave me scratching my head.

Phat Ricky said...

You guys have it good compared to my dudes I know in China. A Chinese wife will sit at home, eat bonbons, and suck the life out of you. Expensive gifts are expected to be given to the inlaws without much appreciation. Shanghai is the worst I've heard.

But really, the absolute worst Asian wives are from SE Asia. Philippinas especially will have a second or third cousin or "sister" who is sick and needs money. Always. And never look at a Philippinas MSN or Yahoo messenger. The economy in the Philippines consists of bananas and white male suckers. Korean men aren't that stupid though. They get what they want with pocket change.

K-wives are pretty good most of the time. If they are willing to marry english teachers, they will definitely have an open mind.

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