Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Powerless Myth!

An Asian Man's 2011 wet dream
One thing that is important to understanding  the Korean psyche is how many would choose to identify themselves among the powerless.

In my experience, many Koreans will blame the lack of development in Korea to the historical tug of war between great powers, and how Koreans have always been the victims.  Rarely do I hear Koreans acknowledge that given the right circumstances, they would and have executed the worst forms of cruelty upon each other, despite the evidence from history and found in songs and stories.

These days, the bad white man is the source of all the evil in Korea, and has been the flavor of the last five decades. [link has been edited since this post]

I love the irony of listening to these retreads pretending they are so pure, combined with knowing that most waegs coming to the ROK have to submit to a criminal background check due to their ascribed proclivity to corruption, or that they face many barriers to success that are non existent for Koreans who emigrate.  It just reminds me of the serious failings of the Korean education system, and gives insight into the fourth rate immigrants who refuse to gain perspective and create hate sights like Korean Sentry.  I'm sure none of those writers of angst have ever cracked a history book, or seriously considered their own as subjects of worthy analysis.

But I digress.

All these reflections went through my little mind while watching the film The Warrior's Way.  Made by a Korean director and starring Jang Dong Gun, the film contains the narrative of the strong leader who protects the powerless and stands up to those who perpetuate cruelty for its own sake, in the film portrayed mostly by white men.  There is one black character, a diminutive freak show who stands up for the Asian dude, but fails in the end.  The noble Asian warrior gentleman teaches the beautiful and broken white woman how to protect herself from the vileness of the white dude before he rides off into the sunset, assumingly never to be heard from again.

I found myself hoping for them to shack up and have a pile of kids, but this wouldn't fit the narrative of the true Asian leader warrior.

The message seemed to be that the powerless need the guidance of the fearless and righteous Asian moral fighter, a Kim Jong Il type to show them how it needs to be done.

The movie was mostly a steaming pile of shit, but interesting to see all that played out.

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