Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kindergarten Drama!

The youngest goes to a cooperative kindergarten in the countryside.  It's small, and the parents are involved in every aspect from hiring to education planning to maintenance.

There has recently been more drama.  There was an all parents meeting the other night where tempers flared and lines were drawn.

The class below the youngest's has only 6 students in it, while hers has 9.

Once a class graduates, we need to take on more students to pay for the daily operations.

The parents of the other class do not want to take on more students.  They like the student to teacher ratio just the way it is.  This means that everyone else will have to pay more tuition so that this class of kids can enjoy more attention from the teacher.

Voices began to be raised.  How is this fair?  The parents of the kids in the youngest's class stated that when it was our turn to take on extra kids, we did since this is what is needed.  It isn't cool to expect everyone else to have to pay more so that your kid can have an advantage that won't amount to much anyway.

The situation began to be heated.  The teachers have too much to do, they can't focus on taking care of the kids was their biggest argument.  The ratio of teachers to kids is already less than 6:1.

Finally one father of the group above the youngest's stated: we should just leave things the way they are.  To bring two sets of parents into this would not show our kindergarten to be as good as we all know it to be.  It wouldn't be fair, it could upset their kibun.

more of this
I pointed out that the entire groups' kibun had already been upset due to the self centered attitude of a small group of parents; this prompted several of the moms and dads to work at calming me down.

I get his point, and paying 4 manners a month more isn't going to break me, and there is merit to keeping the kindergarten small; but that a small group of parents would have no issue imposing this on all the group is problematic.  There was no room for compromise.  The message is their precious little snow flakes are more important than all the others.  And almost everyone went along with it.


I do wonder how this is going to play out when the next group of kids needs to be recruited.

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