Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Change Bucket!

Today June went off to visit some friends.  She got back about an hour ago.

It was mostly a stay at home day.  We went out to wash the car, which was a blast.  Finishing up, we drove over to the bank to get some cash.

My bank card was not in my wallet.

I knew immediately why June had taken it: her dad is in the hospital and needs cash.  He'll need about 300 manners from us.

The doctors think it's bowel cancer.

He's a pretty healthy bastard, hiking up into the mountains every day at 73, bringing home fresh spring water, non smoking.  He drinks like a fish.

The in-laws have been pretty standup, much kinder than some I've heard of.  I like the old guy, but it's complicated.  One day I will tell his story.  But I can't now.

All this went through my head as I headed home to get one of my change buckets.  I use single malt whiskey tubes.  I figure I've got about 20 manners in each one.  I needed smokes and rice wine, and I had only 2 chonners in my pocket.

Maybe it was a sign: stop smoking and don't buy any liquor!  You've got no cash, don't embarrass yourself by walking into a store and paying in coin!  Or better yet, just use one of the credit cards! 

Once at the store, I proceeded to count out piles of coins to pay for three packs of smokes and 2 bottles of rice wine.  I ended up giving more obeggers than I intended, but I did unload a bunch of 50 and 10 won coin.

I came home, cooked spaghetti for the girls, horsed around a bit with them, then set up part III of Star Wars.

Once June was in, they finished up and went to bed.

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