Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Highway Tolls: 3.4 manners, includes a stop in Andong on the way back and two trips across the bridge.
Fuel: App. 14 manners - KTX would have run us near 25, which is like WTF?
Hotel: 8.5 manners
Lunch Chinatown: 2.2 manners
Swanky Raw Fish Dinner: 21 manners
Swanky Brunch at More Expensive Hotel: 7.8 manners
'Me' World: 1.3 manners
Kite stuff: 0 manners
Misc: 4 manners

Total: app. 62.2 manners

Yow.  We could have cut that down substantially on the food end by at least 20 manners, but the rest is solid.

In return, girls got to:
  • fly kites
  • make kites
  • watch some guys jig for fish
  • go on cool bridge
  • See lots of boats
  • go on huge ferris wheel
  • walk about 15 km
  • see a rabbit run away that someone had let loose on the top of the last mountain
  • watch The Last Samuri and ask to have it turned off
  • listen to daddy bitch about traffic, mommy's poor map reading skills, and apologize since he should have been more involved in the organization of the trip.
  • see a seowon
  • enjoy a picnic
  • and of course, see something outside of the usual
The thing that sucked the most was how I had zero time to invest in even looking at a map before leaving, assuming June would take care of a solid chunk on the planning end.  This go around we should have communicated more, what with her schedule and mine both being insane.  I did own up to not being more involved, but not before I flipped over having to backtrack 20 clicks.  Right now I'm beating myself up for being such a dick by going on about how she could have called the hotel before we got on the bridge.

Usually in country, she takes care of most of the details for this kind of trip, dealing with hotels and deals on meals; when we go off road into the country, I have it.  When we travel outside of Korea, I've got it once we land.

We must have spent a good 3-4 hours just driving from one end of Busan to the other, which sucked.  Didn't help that there was a marathon going on Sunday that made the directions from my iPhone somewhat moot.  Or that the hotel we stayed at gave the wrong directions when we did get lost. 

The spot she got us was pretty good all in all, and a navigation in the car would have solved some of the problems.  

Anyway, note to self: check the temper next go.  Keep it steady.  And make sure you've got it covered on the next run.  Also, while it was cool to see the Busan this run through, make sure the next run is in south east Asia.


Anonymous said...

some advice! maps ruin marriages. navigation systems save them.^^

F5Waeg said...

I'm looking at some on gmarket right now

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