Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Jesus Showed Me the Way!

As I stood at the crossroads, I had an overwhelming sense that I was spinning my wheels.  There was need to make haste, to move, to get on with it.

I stood there for less than 5 minutes when what could have passed for a tripped out hippy school bus pulled over: hey you need a ride?

Why thanks.  I sure do.

On the bus was pilgrim Sunday.  Every single person looked like they had either time warped outta the 60's or the 17th century.

Say, I dig your style.

Thank you, brother.  We live with what's comfortable.

Yeah I can dig that.  Myself, I need to balance comfort with practicality, but then this sure is a nice bus.

Thank you, brother.  Where is your path taking you?

Now that is a good question, but I know I'm supposed to head east for now.

Then it is fateful we have met.  We are heading that way ourselves, to do god's work.


Have you brought Jesus into your life?


Um, well, I've heard of this Jesus guy, never met him.  Kidding!


I teased it out of them: they were a group that travelled from summer show to summer show, setting up a first aid tent for those in need.  If they happened to find any lost sheep, they brought them into a secluded tent for safety and comfort.  In the process they would share with them the joy and warmth that only accepting Jesus can bring.  They particularly liked those who were strung out on serious mind altering substances.  Two of the younger ones including the bus driver had been picked up that very summer under those circumstances.

The very odd and 'fateful' thing was that they were going to the exact same concert that I was.

I took an interest.  It wasn't completely utilitarian in nature, I was curious as to what methods they used.  I marshelled all my knowledge of the books or movies I'd read, skimmed, seen: Bible, Koran, Tao, Tao of Poo, Book of the Dead, Siddhartha, Fear and Loathing, the Graduate, the Godfather, The book of Thoth, random stuff on the Golden Dawn, Greek classics, Bukowski, the Book of Mormon, How I Learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. . . it was a spirited conversation, each minute bringing me closer to a shared destination.

I had a brain wave:

Hey, I'd like to continue this conversation and see the work you do.  I'd like to come in to the show with you, help you set up, see how things unfold.

They were hesitant.  They had heard enough to know that I asked too many questions, was confrontational and challenging.  So I leveled with them:

I feel that I am being called to go to this show, meet some friends, see what comes of it, then continue on my path east.

And that is how I ended up being the first person to set up a tent on the field to one of the biggest summer shows of 1996.

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