Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yangachi Gangster Wannabees!

Maybe I should have bought the damn place.

The owner of my apartment is being a dick. 

The youngest drew on some nice and expensive sheet rock in the living room.

The owner told us around 8 tonight that it needs to be replaced by Saturday before the new tenants move in.  They came over and had a hissy fit over it, which made the owner have his own hissy fit, which almost resulted in me smacking some old crotchy bastards across the face. 

You know what?  Fuck both of you.

You already looked at the place and signed a contract.  We agreed to move out in a week to help the owner out and be nice.  Technically we could stay for quite some time.  Now you're pulling this last minute shit.

I spent a couple of hours calling and emailing photos, but I know that it is impossible to get that sorted in 36 hours.

The owner is trying to snow us on the price, saying it'll cost up to 200 manners to get it sorted.  I already had one guy call him and say it would cost about 15-30.  This of course resulted in more calls for us to get it finished by the time we moved out.  I think he's mad.

Wait for it: Fuck You.

I've sorted a guy to come in either Monday late afternoon-Tuesday.  I told June we shouldn't move if he won't give us our deposit Saturday.  She's also kinda ticking me off by saying let's just pay it and not deal with it.  Uh, sure let's give that fucker 150 manners so that it is more convenient for us.

Don't think so.

Hey asshole, I think I said this already, but one more time for effect: Fuck You.  I'm going to toss a huge pile of shit up into the ceiling tiles on my way out and have your new tenants try to sort out where the fucking smell is coming from.


Anonymous said...

ummm...your kids did the damage. fix it.

Anonymous said...

WTF? You know your kid fucked it up but you dont want to fix it?

You've been in Korea too long...

F5Waeg said...

The issue isn't with not wanting to fix it. . .we had a couple of guys in this week to fine tune the place, replace a closet door. The sheet rock stuff was not mentioned in the deal. . . they came over tonight and rudely told us it had to be done in less than two days, despite how we've been very cool about the whole move out in a week thing and still get it all sorted. Then to tell us he's going to take care of it and it'll cost 2 million when it'll actually be a fraction of that. . . I should just let that slide?

Anonymous said...

I don't see why it's so hard to understand why you'd be angry. The guy is trying to take you for a ride and is being dishonest.

Anonymous said...

but seriously, don't toss any shit into the ceiling.

F5Waeg said...

Just a thought.

But with the way he talked to June, ignored me, barking in front of the kids like that. . . owning a place does exclude you from that.

I know for a fact that he's mad to sell it, has been trying for months. I also found out he tried to get an increased deposit on the place and was unable to get his asking price. When this older couple fell in his lap he wanted to jump on it, and our thanks for helping him out was being treated like this.

Anonymous said...

Um, you did know that this would have to he dealt with, right?

The guy was rude but you could have avoided this by just getting it fixed.

F5Waeg said...

Sure. And I see how I'm looking like the ass in all this and should have been more clear.

We were asked to move out in a week. We said ok. A list of stuff that needed to be taken care of was drawn up. I wasn't there when this was done. I gave the list to some guys to deal with earlier this week. My only excuse is that I like
my work too much. I didn't even think about the Sheetrock until it came up tonight when we were barked at in front of my kids and told it would result in us paying an absurd amount of cash to fix it. A simple can you take care of this would have sufficed or better including it on the original list.

I did overreact in my post; I had to track guys down take pics etc while listening to June pissing on about it. So the end analysis is that it could be a misunderstanding, or that the guy deliberately didn't mention it to bring it up at this stage of the game. I do wonder why he would demand such an inflated amount.

Anonymous said...

Primer will seal out crayon, ink, you name it. Just cover the drawings with primer and then repaint the wall, or the whole room if you can't match the paint. Or paint the one wall some special color and call it an accent wall.

Is it me or does it smell like netizen around here?

--Lesser Klaus

F5Waeg said...

They claim it's a special type of material that can't be painted ? It isn't your generic Sheetrock that's for sure. I'll know more when the guy comes in again next week.

As for netizens yeah I particularly liked the second anonymous. I'm suddenly a bad person because I would rather not get fleeced by some gangster wannabee.

F5Waeg said...

And for further clarification this material is found on only one wall in the apartment

Anonymous said...

You should throw some fish instead

F5Waeg said...

I won't be throwing anything into the ceiling tiles if sanity prevails.

Roarchild said...

I don't know why you bothered leaving the first two quotes. I know westerners are supposed to believe in free speach but letting that junk go up just encourages them. I like jakeinoreas apprach to netizens.

Although if you put there first ones up and then let everyone point out how wrong they are... I guess that might just rile them up some more :)

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