Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


A note from a reader asked this:

How do you find time to write?  I work full time, have a family. . . the last thing I have time for is maintaining a blog.  When I get home I usually just want to veg out or hang with my family.  How do you keep it up and write so much? --Mike

Hi Mike, thanks for your email.  If you have a question or comment, feel free to drop me a note, the email is in my profile.

I have way too much stuff to do today, and there is no way it can all be taken care of, but I'm still going to take some time to write a response because, well, that is an integral part of my reply.

Most of what I write is complete schlock.  A lot of it is exactly the regular stuff I experience everyday, like wanting to come home and relax or playing with my kids.  An idea pops into my head, I bang it out quick without editing, and post it up.  Sometimes I cringe later at what I wrote or the spelling and grammar errors I've made.  Sometimes I have an idea, or plan a future post, jot out a few notes, save it as a draft and come back to it when its ready.  Some of my posts are written in 2 minutes, some take over an hour.

Mostly its about forcing myself to do it.  Making it a habit, something that needs to be done regularly.  There are days when I know that what I'm going to write will be total shite, but I still do it.  Later I reflect on the circumstances behind what I wrote, and learn from it.

So primarily its about getting yourself into a frame of mind where you write something everyday, and stick to it.  Always plan to write at least a little bit, and do it without compromise.  If it sucks, make it suck less next time.

Not the best response for you Mike, but work calls.

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