Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


In the end, painting the wall took much less time than anticipated.  Once the primer was ready, I finished it up in about 30 minutes and walked away.

Good riddance.  They can pull the tape off the edges themselves when it's fully dry.  Total cost: about 8 manners.  I can see the brush, roller and left over paint sitting around until our next move though; small price to pay instead of forking over 200 manners to some crusty old codger.

And no I didn't leave any fish in the ceiling tiles, or plug up the veranda drains and toss fish in there.

The moving company we went with were excellent.  The level of service was superb.  They not only packed everything, unpacked and arranged it the way we wanted, and cleaned the apartment, but did so with a smile and an awesome attitude. 

Customer service is one area in which Korean companies often kick ass.  Often. 

Another example is how a competing SK franchise paid us 30 manners to switch over to their service.  I'm not sure how that works as a viable business plan, but I'll happily take their money.  We also switched the internet at June's business and got another 30. 

The new place isn't that bad.  It is an older place, one of the previous generation of luxury apartments.  Not even close to the place a waeg buddy of mine recently moved into, but it'll serve nicely.

I'm zonked.  Still so much to do in terms of reorganizing, and little time to do it tomorrow.

Off to bed.


Anonymous said...

"Once the primer was ready, I finished it up in about 30 minutes and walked away."

Who's got your back, big guy?

"They can pull the tape off the edges themselves when it's fully dry."

You have to trace along the edge of the tape with a new razor first. Otherwise the tape will rip paint off along with it. This is seriously not optional.

--Lesser Klaus

F5Waeg said...

Thanks mang. The original story they fed me was how it was impossible to paint over due to its magical air cleaning wonderfulness, and once the maintenance dude told us that this was sheer bullshit it was a go.

I tried to go back to deal with the tape, but they already changed the door code. I sent a message to the real estate agent to the effect, so hopefully it'll get through.

Anonymous said...

As for the walls: I've never been able to reconcile some of the weird things that Koreans believe: fan death, only place with four true seasons, kimchi a tonic, hanshik is very hot, there's a place in Jeju where cars roll uphill, etc etc.

I mean, here in the states we have Jesus' likeness on a pancake, so yes I'm duly humble. But still, the Jesus on a pancake set is an easily distinguishable minority. Koreans across all stations believe their lunacy. Incidentally I think fan death is a euphemism for suicide. Also kimchi is linked to higher rates of stomach cancer (no shit, google it).

Best of luck.

--Lesser Klaus

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