Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm feelin' lame.

I've got the whole 'moving into a lesser apartment' blues.

Maybe I have been in Korea too long, but I'd argue that kind of thinking isn't purely Korean by any stretch.  It's like sayin' 'yeah I'm moving outta Beverly Hills so I can leverage my assets.  I'm buying a place in Venice Beach'

But even Venice Beach is still cool

Yeah whatever.

To tell people that I've downgraded my living arrangements sucks.

I need to bring myself back into a good frame of mind.

I suppose it might help if the cash I'll be saving was actually translated into something akin to instant gratification.

It's all long term, so there is no comfort on that end.

All I know is June has transformed in the last couple of months.  To keep in tune with my earlier post on stating elliptically what I want, I should say that where she's going is great for teaching the girls how to suck the life out of a man to become independant.  

naw, fuck it.

I'm happy she's way more confident, and in case I die she's completely capable of providing.  That's the way it should be after all.  Fuck the princesses of the world who can't sort it out, or more accurately, fuck the shitheads who didn't prepare them to adapt.


Anonymous said...

I spent $80,000 on my wife's law school. Then I sold some employee stock the value of which I don't even want to figure out now to get her started in her practice. I have no regrets. Used to be the disparity between her life at home and my stressful work at the time would leave her feelings hurt and me frustrated all the time. She didn't do simple things for herself and asked questions which were easy to determine. I on the other hand had to be correct at work and so I ended up being curt to her when she asked lame questions. Also she didn't understand how hard it is to make money.

Now she's self-sufficient in most ways. The ajumma set bores her. She has gotten surprisingly assertive and good at putting people in their place. She's much better about spending money (though she did have something of a relapse last year).

Perhaps the biggest lesson learned is that men really are pigs. Maybe 20% of her male clients hit on to her in some way. She's been doing tae kwon do for a couple of years, which is unfortunate because hearing about it bores me. I was glad though when a creepy guy put his arm around her in a parking lot, and she spun around and knocked it away violently.

So that's one random older guy's take. Best of luck with the wife's business.

--Lesser Klaus

Anonymous said...

I live in a place that is too large for me. We have no kids but my wife insists on living in this large apartment. Every month the heating bill and other utilities are through the roof. I've been trying to convince her that we should sell and move to a smaller place. My wife's only two goals in life are to have a baby soon, and to remain unemployed for the rest of her life. How we'll pay for the kids school and fund our retirement is entirely inconsequential. Welcome to the society of ME ME ME. Just put on your headphones and crack open a cold one.

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