Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Internet Anger!

fingez too big fior keyboaard! GRAHH!
The last couple of days have been dominated by issues I had moving out of my old apartment.

My original post on the subject was full of anger and spite towards the owner.  One interesting thing about that post was how many hits it got in a very short time.

But I made a mistake in that post. 

I was mad, and I think rightly so.  I'm not going to edit this blog to not talk about the occasional shitty experience or asshat I have to deal with.

At the moment I'm just happy to be out of there.  I do have a feeling I haven't heard the last from that old bastard though.

But getting mad itself and talking about it wasn't the problem. 

No, I made a mistake in my anger, and that was not stating explicitely all the details of the episode.

A nice commentator said in that post:

"I don't know why you bothered leaving the first two quotes. I know westerners are supposed to believe in free speach but letting that junk go up just encourages them. I like jakeinoreas apprach to netizens.

Although if you put there first ones up and then let everyone point out how wrong they are... I guess that might just rile them up some more :)"

Thanks Roarchild for your comment.  Allow me to state here why I left them up.

Based on the information the reader had at that point, I think those comments reflect what is not an unfair assessment.  It could seem like I was trying to get out of taking care of repairs on a place I lived in for five years.  I had to elaborate further in the comments that this was not the case, when that could have been avoided if I'd simply included that I'd already spent over 60 manners on repairs.

Being a waeg in Korea, I am sensitive to how my actions and words can be perceived.  But I'm not entirely convinced that those first two comments are of the k-netizen variety.  And I can't take those first two commentators to task since it is perfectly within bounds to make the assumptions they did.

Depending on the kind of thing you're writing, the fact is you have to be sensitive all the time to how your words will be understood no matter where you are.  For me, those comments are a reminder that there are always going to be sad keyboard warriors assuming the worst about you, and considering the overall picture you present and including pertinent detail is something that mustn't be forgotten in a moment of anger.

I do get a lot of negative comments that don't get posted, many of them from folks I'd consider to be bona fide k-netizens.  I've saved them for later, and I'll eventually post a statistical breakdown on those once I've collected enough of them.   I've also got a nice piece of hate mail that I'm saving for a slow day. 

But that is the internet, and people can't read your mind and can only go with what you give them.  Lesson relearned.

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