Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Runner!

Fill it up with waeg goodness?
Some people choose to run.  Some choose to stand and sort things out.  I get that sometimes you need to get outta dodge, but I've got an issue with those who just decide to run when its clearly a case of always wanting to take the easy way out.

A few years back I met this nice waeg girl.  She wasn't bad looking, in pretty good shape.  She hated her job because - the horror! - she had to teach kindergarten.  She hated Wonju since it was boring and had little to offer culturally.

Did you ask what kind of classes you'd be teaching before coming over?  No?  uh, did you look up to see what Wonju was like as a city before you decided to transplant yourself over here?  Yes, there are 300 000 people, but did you look up to see what was there?  Not really?

This woman pulled a runner.  She left Korea, got her visa canceled, came back to work in Incheon.

I can't get behind that. 

When I read that some pretty boy Korean wanna be man actor was signing up for the ROK marines, I was at first sceptical.  It looks good on paper for him later after all.

I've had more than a few conversations with adjusshis who bemoan how the younger generation always wants to take the easy way out.

But he is going to do it.  Its more than what the majority would do.  I know there will be at least a few that will help kill whatever brainwashed zombies try to take these mountains.  I think he's awesome.

I respect some of my older coworkers / supervisors for a similar reason.  I work with three hardcore military veterans who bring a lot to the table.  One of them was a female career soldier who now does PR.  Another was a marine.  The third was a commander on a navy corvette in the West Sea.

Not only did they do their time, they rose up when the call was made.  That speaks to their character. 

I can support that 1000%.

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Anonymous said...

Someone gets drafted against their will they shouldn't be expected to stand as you put it, especially if it goes against what they believe in.

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