Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


One of my things is not to rehash what y'all can read in the Waegosphere.

This day to day shit in Korea was started by that neo conservative libetarian I'm going to only talk about  money Mr. Wonderful.

He has a history of giving up when life starts smiling on him.  His shit starts going well and he decides to quit.

I can get behind that.  To a certain extent.

Start thinking too large, you lose perspective.

Same if you're an ant.  Too small also lacks a good view.

One small thing is that I want my girls to have perspective.

Hogwon hell is for losers.  If you can't sort it out yourself, then GTFO.

It's a question of personal responsibility: What am I willing to give to make myself more?

Learn to self study and engage yourself in your learning.  Can't do that if you've always got a tutor telling you what you should be doing.

Still, I'd like to be able to afford vacations for my kids to Cebu once they graduate high school.

Can't do that on an Epic teacher's salary no matter how many years you've got in.

So that's why I sell my soul to the gods of plastic.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine trying to raise a family on an EPIC teacher's salary? Sweet suffering Christ... nail me to the cross.

F5Waeg said...

At the lowest level you're making the equivalent of a bus or taxi driver, so I suppose it is possible, seeing as your house is paid for. . . but with no job security. You could pick up after school classes and what not, but you'd have to be watching every 10 won.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say but you guys kind of sound like you are trying to ride a high horse and look down on epic teachers. how many epic teachers actually do raise a family on their salary. also this post makes no sense.

F5Waeg said...

Seeing as I once was an Epik teacher I wouldn't say I look down on them... But you have to admit that raising a family solely on that salary is tough. If your wife is also working it's more manageable.

As for making no sense ya it is disjointed. But if you are going to stay long term here it makes little sense to keep working for someone else in an institute. Either own it or branch out into something else.

Anonymous said...

I'm a married Epik teacher and would agree that if that was the only income coming in it would be tough. But I know several people in the same position as me, who don't rely on just that salary to get by. You do sound condescending though with your hogwon hell comment

F5Waeg said...

Can I get a witness?

Thanks for proving my point, and yeah I get yours. What prompts me to say it as I did was how people like those with Anti English Sputum say that waegs here are a bunch of losers who just take the easy way.

If you're going to stay long term, I think in a way its your duty to work at improving yourself and making the most of whatever opportunities you have, similar to how many Koreans went to America, Europe, wherever and flourished.

If you don't, then you're just proving them right.

Anonymous said...

well said.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this post or my comment was condescending. I was simply referring to the high cost of living in Korea, and the fact that 2.1 million krw a month would be difficult to support a family with.

Yes, teachers get free housing, but is that going to be suitable for a wife and kids? I've worked at hagwons and at a public school. The nicest free apartment I ever got would still be unacceptable for most Koreans to inhabit.

In my case, my wife doesnt even work, so if I had kids, a single teaching job, be it EPIC or a hagwon would probably fail to pay the bills unless we sucked it up and lived in a tiny one-room rent free.

The point wasn't to emphasize the low salary of an epic teacher (they are underpaid) but to point out that for us married people, two jobs would often be required to make ends meet.

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