Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of Whores and Grad Students

A few days passed before she showed up at my office: stunning, tall, slender and blonde. . . she truly was a beauty.

She came in and asked if she could speak with me.  I motioned to a chair, and before she could get started I said:

Your life is yours: what you freely choose to do to earn a living is not my concern.  What I saw the other night isn't going to affect your grades in any way; you've been at the top of the class since the beginning of term, there is no reason why that shouldn't continue.  I won't mention this to anyone, and I won't expect any 'favors' from you.

I caught her off guard with this.  Working the biz, I guess she had a hard time thinking that someone would let her have something for nothing.  She insisted that she at least take me out for dinner that night.  That's how we found ourselves at Mickey's by seven.

What transpired next was nothing that could fill a letter to penthouse.  I was a pillar of morality and ethical behavior.  I didn't flirt, didn't speak in innuendoes; I did get drunk on her dime though.  As the evening progressed, I started asking her questions on what it was like working the biz.

She was lucky that she had a fairly sizable stable of repeat customers.  A girl like that, I could understand.  The smart and sexy combination that made her was incredibly potent.

She had originally gotten into it to pay for school.  She pulled in about three thousand a week.  She knew she couldn't do it forever, and that the psychic toll was heavy, but she was smart with her money.  She didn't blow it on drugs or ridiculous amounts of clothes.  She said she lived in a modest apartment.  She invested what she didn't need for school into stocks and bonds.

Occasionally she took calls to fill in for other girls.  That was what caused her to show up at my roomates house that night.  Usually a driver came in, checked things out, and handled the cash.  It was his call whether or not the girl would go in.  Most of the guys she slept with as regulars were decent, good looking, professional.  But sometimes she would get someone nasty, hideous, fat.  If things got sketchy, she had a panic button she could push, and the driver would be there fairly quickly.  She never took drinks or drugs offered by her hosts unless she had known them for some time.  She was a cautious girl.

We actually became sort of friends.  She would stop by my office from time to time to chat.  We'd grab a coffee and shoot the shit.  I learned quite a bit about the biz from her.  On a lark I jumped at the chance to work as a driver for a few weeks to fill in for one guy who had messed up a leg skiing.  There I was chauffering around some of the hottest women in town.  It was a great experience, and I made over four thousand for a few hours every night, including tips from the girls.  Unfortunately my grades suffered during that time and I nearly didn't pass.  Luckily I had a great advisor who knew that something was up, didn't ask questions, and let a lot of things slide.

But all good things come to an end.  I graduated and was getting ready to leave town.  That last night was insane: she and a couple of other working girls I had gotten to know showed me around all the strip joints in a 20 mile radius.  They seemed to know everybody, and they paid for everything.  I had decided that I wasn't going to take my pants off, but when one of the girls teased me about being a fag, well I had to put an end to that by going home with one of the waitresses from the last place we hit.

She was talented.

I never slept with any of the working girls, although it would have been fairly easy.  Considering the way we had met, at first I thought it would just cause more problems then it was worth.   And I probably wouldn't have been let in the way I was.

I left for a sweet corporate job in a city 400 miles away.  I thought about her often, that tall slender blonde, but things got pretty hectic and crazy and I never had a chance to go back.  But what came next will have to wait for some other time.


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Wicked Wanda said...

Agreed, outstanding story. Don't keep us waiting too long for the next installment!

F5Waeg said...

unadulterated is part one.

parts three and four are in the works, but like a good soup need to sit awhile. But not too long.

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