Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today was pretty hectic.

June and I first went and availed ourselves of a 24 hour Homeplus grocery store in Uijeongbu.

We cooked breakfast for our and the Sister-in-Law's family: egg, ham, cheese on an English muffin served with tator tots and fresh strawberries.

Then we all went and took a walk in a really nice park near city hall.  There were even speakers playing Christmas tunes as we walked along the nicely groomed mountain paths!

We hit Costco and found turkeys.  Usually some enterprising Kim or Lee scoops them all up to sell at double the price.  We only paid 3.5 manners for a nice fat Australian one.

We still ended up spending 70 manners at Costco however.

Then it was on to ToysRus.  In retrospect this was probably a mistake, but I have no time to go all the way to Uijeongbu during the week.

The issue began with the youngest seeing a kitten.  She loves cats, and has been after us for months to get one.  The problems are that the eldest is allergic to them, June hates them, and I think it very anticat to keep one in an apartment.

The youngest totally lost her shit when we said she couldn't have one.  Full on tantrum in the middle of the store kinda thing.  I tried to reason with her, explaining that we said she could buy any toy she wanted, and that a cat wasn't a toy.  While I'm trying to deal with all this, June is letting herself be conned into signing up for a fucking credit card.

She got paid 4 manners to sign up with Citibank.  I immediately requisitioned her earnings to spend on more toys.  Ha!

The youngest's logic was that she and the cat would be both be unhappy if we didn't bring the cat home with us.

The eldest snorted and pointed out that the cat wouldn't be unhappy since she didn't know the youngest.  The youngest responded by saying that since the cat had seen her, and knew she would love her, ergo the cat would be unhappy.

I'm trying not to laugh during all this, which only serves to infuriate the youngest.

Long story short, she became the feared Grumposaurus until she fell asleep, and returned ten fold when we woke her up back home.

The girls got a bunch of cool stuff: Playdoh playsets, connect four, a couple of books, a sphere puzzle, some ABC spelling game for the youngest, a walking robot that will be fun to put together, and a microscope for looking at stuff.

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