Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No Beer!

I got home late craving some beer goodness. Looking into the refrigerator, I realized that we were out of Max.

In fact it seemed we needed quite a bit of stuff.  Instead of getting all huffy, I decided to hit the Hanaro mart.

A problem soon became apparent: I was fortunate enough to score a primo parking spot in the basement near the door to my apartment.  If I used the famvan, I may have to park outside, which would mean clearing the 8 cms of snow we're expecting tonight off the famvan in the morning.

So I did the only logical thing: I took a taxi.

I was able to hail one pretty quick.  As we got to the bottom of the hill, we watched as a bongo ripped through the red light.

The taxi driver looked at me.  Do people do that in your country he asked?

er, no not usually.

He snorted.

Driving down a side street he pointed at all the parked cars making the passage narrow and fraught with danger.

He looked at me again.  Do people in your country park like this all over the place he asked?

Well, not always.  There are more parking garages and a lot of streets have no parking.  If you park there, you will get a ticket and your car will probably be towed.

He snorted again.  Cars aren't supposed to park here either he said.

But the police do nothing.  That's because of Kim Dae Jung.  Before democracy, the police were terrible.  Now there is a cartoon character as their mascot.  They let people get away with anything.

I couldn't tell if he was being entirely disapproving.
But his rant was unusual.  I had heard everything he was saying before.  Usually as a typical waeg rant on civic consciousness.

It was somewhat surreal.


Anonymous said...

leave the car outside and you won't have to wash it

Foreigner Joy said...

Funny! Put up in my post on the subject. . . on


F5Waeg said...

thanks for the shout out

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