Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Country Bumpkin!

Goes to the big city!

It's true I don't get up to the big smoke often.

And tonight doesn't afford the opportunity to take full advantage of my situation.

I did a bunch of lame stuff: hit a book store, ate cheap kebabs, shopped around a bit.

Can't do much of that back in The Wonj.  I'm a country bumpkin, what can I say?

Now I'm going to shoot some darts and drink until the train leaves.  Maybe write some.

The presentation went fairly well, save for some idiot who couldn't seem to grasp the importance of studying overseas markets.

I won't bother reiterating some of the fucking tardo questions he asked over and over again.

I think he must be bucking for a promotion.  The big man in the room sat impassive, and he read it as disapproval.

I responded in a rather bemused fashion.

Hey, what else could I do?  If you're going to sell shit to foreign markets, you can't keep putting "Kitty the happy time" on your product.  Note to self: save that one for later.  Correction: been done.

His whole shtick seemed to be that the buyers will happily buy the same stuff we've been making here, since the whole Korean wave thing has hit the shores of the world.

I tried to explain that it would definitely appeal to hipsters and the like, who would see the irony of some whack Asian shit with crazed English on it at Walmart, but Nancy Average Smith and Joe Regular Jones would be like WTF? and toss it back into the bin after at best a little chuckle, at worst thinking bad about Asia.

What a tool.

Anyway, I ditched the pool boy escort by muttering about important business to take care of.  I'll deal with the fall out later.


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Lesser Klaus said...

I'm from way down South and, sadly, 시골뜨기 was one of the first words taught to me in Korean.

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