Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why Korea?

If I only had a nickel everytime I was aked that. . .

Yeah I'd be rich.

I remember as a young man I was that puffed up punk.  Age has made me appreciate the UFO conspiracy guy.

The standard wisdom has it that most waegs who come here are like that young guy: twenty somethings, rather naive, thinking they know something about the world, full of Right.  For many they get their first real job working at Kim's English Palace.  It doesn't take long for things to sour.

I wasn't in my 20's when I came to Korea.

I had just finished an MA.  After letting myself get fucked royally on the relationship front i.e. by lettin some Snyder tell me I was all that and quickly realizing that I looked way too much like the pleb who refused to pay child support, I washed up in my home town.

After collecting bottles and living off the generosity of friends for a few months, I finally found an in to a bar that helped pay my undergrad.

I feel bad about what comes next: the bar took another chance on me, even though they knew my degree was a ticket to ride.  And as predicted, 5 months in, I found myself packing my bags and booking a flight.  I was groomed for management! Why??!!!

Love, baby.  Love.

Well, maybe Lust.


So why did I come to Korea?  I came originally because of a girl.

She had been in Korea for a year and came back to visit.  The second I saw her I knew she had had her cherry popped.  I knew just by watching her walk. . .

She said a Korean dude had done the deed.  Like I cared.

Being a classy motherfucker, sayin as such gave me the final in.

Within three days we were well on our way.

I always knew I should steer clear.  But nailin the Nice Hot Christian girl who had obviously given it up . . I'd take second fiddle.

Next followed a year and a half of three times a day across Eastern Europe.  I've always liked those repressed Christian types.  They spend a lot of time thinking about it, and once they decide to let loose, wooo boy!

We decided to head over to Korea to visit friends, see more of the world, save some money.  We took a job at Lee's English Emporium.

A couple of our male coworkers were complete skanks.  I watched bemused as they bragged about their exploits.

The Charisma Man doesn't even touch on it:

See, I don't think its that the locals will throw themselves at you.  Its all about game.  Many waegs who come here find themselves free to reinvent themselves however they want.  If you're young and had a bit of game back home, its a hunter's paradise; your confidence gets that extra boost that others pick up on.  If you are more introverted, you suddenly discover yourself and are free of the preconceptions people laid on you back home.  I've seen it happen to a lot of guys and girls who come over here.  It is all about attitude.  That's what's sexy.

But I already knew that.  I worked bars for years and went home frequently with some honey or the other.  When you've been around the block a few times, the above scene gets to be a bit dull.

Nice Hot Christian girl and I split.  Nearly three years at the pace we were going was a good run, but it had to end.  There was no way I was going to join her church and live a nice contented rustic life.

Funny how I've seen so many couples come over here together only to explode before their year is up.  Korea is hard on relationships, especially when the guy starts eyeing the local lasses.

For the record, that wasn't the case with me.  I was totally into my girl. 

After 5 months of celibacy after breaking with the Nice Hot Christian Girl, I did a first:

I fucked a whore.

I needed to get dirty.  I cried like a baby for about 4 hours afterwards in a cheap 2.5 manner hotel.

Then in about 2.5 months, I shagged 8 different women.  By no means extraordinary, but my personal record was 5 different women in 7 days.  It started to get confusing, what with needing to keep a diary for day trips, movies and what not, making sure no hairs were left lying about on pillows or used tissue filling the trash. 

In the end, the F5sponseree won.

So why Korea?  In the end, it seems Korea chose me really.  Sometimes I get worked up when she acts like a spoiled bitch and trash talks me.  I never intended to stay this long.  But once it gets into your blood its hard to just walk away.


Anonymous said...

so you fucked a whore.

You're such an idiot

Prestigee Korea said...

Nothing wrong with whores!

Anonymous said...

more please

Bill said...

This has the potential to be an interesting read, but the beginning makes very little sense. This kind of post requires a bottle of whisky on a Sunday afternoon where you have plenty of time to reflect. Second draft please.

F5Waeg said...

Cleaned it up for y'all

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This should be the first post, and chronicle everything from there on in.


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