Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


No use denying it.

It really wasn't a full on meltdown.

More of a shaking of the head. Not again

I've opened my door to them to stay several times since they first came to Korea. 

Every time they came over, they didn't bring a gift, didn't offer to pay for anything, and we had an argument.

June's been giving me grief.

Too many times in the past I open my door to some newb.

Some just take and rarely give.

I get her point.  It's just considered good manners to bring something when you show up in most countries.  Spend a few minutes reading any lit on Korea and you know that here that's the score.

This morning I snapped.  A week of grief led to a testy message.

The response was far from conciliatory.

In fact the response was what nearly prompted a near full on meltdown.  They cursed and got angry that I would dare bother them in the morning with such a triviality to ruin their day.  I should have brought it up later when it was convenient for them.


Get outside your own head for 5 minutes. 

I've been dealin' with shit all week cuz they couldn't even pay for lunch despite being offered a place to stay when they asked, being fed, offered liquor. . . 3 times.

That doesn't even consider how I've been driving them all over hell's half acre without even an offer to cover gas.

Baseball rules.  Now I'm not allowed to invite them back over.

Part of me is thinkin' that's ok.

The other part is knowing what an idiot I can be sometimes, and that stupidity is indeed part of the universal human condition.

Still, I gotta wonder.  I'd be embarrassed to take advantage of someone's hospitality repeatedly without making some immediate response.

At least offer to wash dishes or something.

Different strokes for different folks, eh?


Spike said...

Is this someone you work with, or what? How can someone(s) be so clueless?

At least a little gift for the girls, right?

Anonymous said...

At the very least bring over some canola oil! Gawd!

Anonymous said...

Better off without them around if that's the way they're going to be. Less stress is not a bad thing.

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