Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Kindergarten Drama!

We send our youngest to a cooperative kindergarten in the countryside.  Our eldest went there too.

The kids get to play outside most of the day.  There are cats, dogs, bugs, dirt and plants.

Most parents I know send their kids to XYZ Kinderparadise or an equivalent, since XYZ teaches math, science, korean, english, art, music, ethics, calligraphy, classics and ceramics.

I figure kids can learn what they need of that stuff before hitting regular school from their parents.  I spend time teaching the girls how to read, do basic math, cook, explode a GI Joe character, dress a wound, change a tire etc.  What I don't have time for during much of the week is to let them run around outside in a safe and healthy environment.

But. . .DRAMA!

Apparently, the teachers at the kindergarten decided one day to have a 'meeting' in the middle of the afternoon and locked the kids inside the building.  Apparently, one of the boys started fooling around and touching inappropriately one of his female classmates.

The teacher claims the mother is forcing her daughter to make up stories.  The mother pulled her kid from the kindergarten and is considering legal action; she wants the school to now separate the kids by sex.  No more sharing nap space, no more sharing anything.  The other parents are rightfully wondering why the hell the teachers were having a meeting in the middle of the day when they're supposed to be watching the kids.  The teacher in question now wants to quit.

My take?  Fuck the teacher, and fuck the mother.

The parents are totally right to be wondering what the teachers were doing locking the kids in the building and having a 'meeting'.  Do that before or after regular class hours.  We're talking about a bunch of kindergarten kids here, you can't leave them unsupervised.  Fuck the teacher, let her quit.  Any person who locks a bunch of kids in the building while they do god knows what deserves to be out on their ass before something really nasty happens.

As for the mother who wants the kids separated, while I am definitely more sympathetic towards her, fuck her too.  Boys and girls will be what they are, and at that age they are curious.  If the boy forced himself and went too far, teach him right and wrong.  Separating the sexes is a terrible idea, and is completely impractical in such a small place. This also detracts from the larger issue of what could have happened

I really like the idea behind this kindergarten, and it is a safe place.  The parents all come together to run it, maintain it, deal with curriculum etc, and the location is great for kids.  Too bad this had to happen; hopefully it'll get sorted soon.


The Todd said...

I agree with you. Playing doctor is nothing new. Teachers locking kids in a school to drink instant coffee and talk at length about nothing, that can only happen in Asia. What would Dr. Spock think.

Anonymous said...

pretty sure you could do a quick google search and find examples of teachers causing student deaths in other places besides Asia.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Lot of boys at your children's kindergarten

Prestigee Korea said...

What that crazy bitch mother is doing is taking male 5 and 6 year old children and sexualising them. Does she honestly think her 6 year old daughter is going to get knocked up by a 6 year old boy?

In the future, men don't stand a chance. They are already being scapegoated at the age of 6. If you are a man, enjoy it now, future generations of men will be tamed-down, g-rated versions of what men once were.

F5Waeg said...

That photo isn't from my kids kindergarten, but there are more boys at the one my girls go to

Anonymous said...

You're being pretty judgemental about the teachers. Not your place.

Todd McCoy said...

What do you mean it's not his place? His kids go there, and he pays tuition, which, it would be seem safe to say, goes towards those teachers salaries. Do I hear a "Duh!" Locking 30 unsupervised kids in a school to have a meeting outside.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above:

Learn to read. His kids go to the school. He can say whatever he wants about how the teachers behave, especially if the parents are the ones hiring the teachers

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that. If there had been a fire, the kids would have died. What the hell is wrong with that teacher?

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