Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Good Woman

Many of my waeg and Korean buddies ask me why I allow myself to be deprived.

They keep trying to enlighten me on the cornucopia of options that are available:

Full Out
Not that I couldn't afford it from time to time if I were so inclined.

Fact is, I'm not too into payin' for it.  Remind me I have a good story to tell about whores back in the day I was a TA, and the most sought after was in my intro level class. 

Sure, many argue that marriage itself is based on similar principles, but I do know that the latter is more organic.

Besides, why should I pay to drill someone when there is no chemistry?  Been there, done that.  What's really hot is when you actually know something about the person you're shaggin', and you work from a foundation.

June and I are still sorting that out.  We didn't exactly have the most auspicious beginnings.

When you've got kids, are you going to walk away, stand up, or give them too many reasons to hate you?  Honestly, the last two are kinda blurry for me sometimes.

What I do know is I have zero time into investing into a search / chase, and paying somebody I don't know 8-25 manners to go through the motions for an hour and a half definitely doesn't cut it for me. 

BUT. . . I'm not prepared to judge those who can make that kinda thing work for em.

All the power to you, as long as both sides of the exchange are fully consenting.

However, not my cup of tea.  Now.

I did lose mondo points with the seniors at the company due to my lack of enthusiasm to engage in paid conversation with some nice girls in a room salon.  Hardly the first time in that situation.

Guess it was that I wasn't the one gettin' paid, and I ain't that cheap to put on a show that y'all can talk about later.  Ha!  The women were hot. . .

My girls come first.  And there is something to be said about takin' the moral high ground from time to time

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Todd McCoy said...

I agree. Good post. One things I want to ask is, does a happy finish count? I don't think so. When I lived in China, is was an option 80% of the time for an extra ten bucks. And as a single guy who had a stiff neck twice a week, I often found it was a good way to end a massage. My hand or her might as well be hers, and many times I think they just wanted a peek. I shit you not, one time my massage girl called in three of her friends to come look, and they groped me as a group laughing the whole time. Memories....such sweet distant memories. But I think it doesn't count.

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