Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Drone!

This morning I've been a good little worker bee.

I've plowed through a pile of paper work.  My brain feels a little mushy right now.

Not bad considering I didn't sleep so well last night.

I woke up at around two.  I really felt like checking in on the youngest.

She was burning up with a high fever.  I spent some time using a soaked wash cloth to cool her down.

Today she didn't go to kindy.  Hopefully she'll be better soon.

I'll be working late tonight, like most Mondays.

I'm kind of pissed with some of the interns.  I scheduled two meetings for this week to hear their presentations on a new umbrella, and they went along with it despite knowing they would be off doing some stoopid training seminar.

Guess I'll have to lay into em later.

My fault?  Sure.  I did forget.  But they still went with it.  I'll say it was a test of their integrity as I rip them new assholes.

Back to work.

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