Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Many waegs I've known over the years complain about how when it comes to elevators, Koreans just have no manners.

The waegs complain that Koreans stand right in front of the elevator door, and push their way through those who are trying to get out.  Same on the subway.  Wouldn't it be more efficient and proper if they simply stood over to the side and waited for everyone to get off first?

This actually shows that most waegs don't really understand Korea, and in fact are simply projecting their own neuroses onto their kind hosts.

Koreans have skinship.  This means that when you are out getting drunk with all your male coworkers, if one guy puts his hand on your thigh and another holds your hand, they aren't being gay but merely showing their affinity and affection towards you.  They'll say its skinship.

This guy really wanted to show his skinship

Waegs get upset because they generally come from societies that aren't so touchy feely.  A male waeg I knew a few years back lost his job because he totally lost his shit when a male coworker put his hand on his thigh.

Some waegs I've known walk around with scowls all the time because they just don't generally like to be touched, which is a rebuff to the generous and happy feelings that Koreans are trying to share with them by conducting skinship.

When older halmonis or harabogies do it, they come across as more rough and abrupt, but that's simply because they were born during harder times, and have difficulty being sensitive.  You might be the same way if you had to flee a communist army that shot your uncle / mom / grandfather; doubly so if you had to wear loud floral prints or 1970's used upholstery printed shirts all the time.

So next time some people try to force their way into the elevator, think about what it means for Koreans, not just what it means for you!  Enjoy the elevator skinship before it too is forgotten and lost.


Anonymous said...

The example of male-male female-female touching is a good example of skinship. The a-holes who try to get on the elevators or subways before people can get off is just bad manners. It's total lack of consideration for other people, nothing more nothing less.

Floridaegu said...

Occasionally, when I get punchy, I get on the elevator last and face them. I don't turn around to look at the numbers. When the door opens, I get out of the way, and then I go back to staring at them. It's interesting to see the way people turn away from you. If you're lucky, you might get a giggle or a smile! The wife has a hard time containing her laughter cause she knows I'm messing with them.

Anonymous said...

skinship is gay and so are you

Anonymous said...

nice of you to appreciate that

don't think it's easy for waegs to do that

Anonymous said...

apologist idiots like you need to wake the f*ck up. Koreans are rude, period. They have no sense of personal space and are completely oblivious to anyone else around them, unless that person is higher on the kimchi totem pole since they drive a more expensive car. Your poorly written apology clearly shows why you've been hired to work as a 'conceptual design' specialist in this backwater sh*thole.

F5Waeg said...

rage. sounds like you need a vacation! I've met people of all kinds here, nice and rude. Pretty much like anywhere. I get how some days can be bad; living as an expat can be rough at times. Still, can't agree with tarring with the same brush every single person on this peninsula. Good luck.

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