Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


How many crosses can you count
Last night coming home I was approached by a Jesus freak.

I knew she was because I've had a run in with her before.

She seems to have forgotten our last conversation.

I told her very politely I really wasn't interested in talking to her about Jesus.

She didn't come back. 

But last night it seemed she confused me with the other waeg who lives in my complex. She was asking me what time it would be best to come visit so we could continue our conversation.  I looked at her like she was from another planet.

She picked up (good nunchi!) on this and asked if I lived in xxx-xxx.  I said no, I live in xxx.  No way was I going to share my apartment number with her!

She apologized, then asked if I could deliver a package to the other waeg.  I don't know this guy from Adam, so nope sorry.  We each went on our way.

She was nice.  Many of the Jesus freaks aren't; they can be overly persistent.  I once experienced a run of them coming over every Saturday morning for a month.  They would knock on the door then proceed to open it.  This was before I was married and had my own studio apartment.

One Saturday I stoopidly left the door unlocked.  I was sitting in front of the computer, which is directly parallel to the door.  I had just taken a shower and was letting myself dry off in front of the fan while surfing the net.  I was buck naked.

Knock knock.  Door opens.  I jump up and two ajumma Jesus freaks get treated to a full on view of my johnson.

They quickly closed the door and ran away.

They didn't come back.  Ever.

So I guess this story has a sort of happy ending, then.


The Todd said...

Boom chuck a wacka boom! Yep. You sure you were just air drying after your shower? If I'm naked in front of the computer, it's probably for a reason. No need to be bashful. And judging from some of he Church-going honeys dolled up in their Sunday best who've been brave enough to knock on my door... we have the perfect plot, if we can call it that, for a rather intriguing adult film. Praise Jesus!

A friend of mine (Korean) calls himself a Christian, but knows full well that he isn't. His reason for going to church is the same reason why I used to go to the bar every Friday (well, similar). Apparently, good girls are actually often a bit naughty in Korea. Apparently, Christianity in Korea is often a way for rich families to network and stay rich, and not so much about Jesus. Apparently, religion is, at times, a bunch of BS, especially in Korea. Who'd have thought?

F5Waeg said...

loads of folks everywhere go to church for the wrong reasons.

That's why you wouldn't catch me dead in any of those places.

I have heard more than a few personal testimonies to the effect that church is a great place to pick up.

I myself can vouch that the seemingly devout can be the most engaging.

At least this situation didn't end with them coming back incessantly to teach me the errors of my ways.

Todd McCoy said...

It seems the churches purposefully select the young hotties to make the rounds in Itaewon. I almost shit my pants once when I answered the door to two of them. And if not for the fact that I had to leave, I would have definitely invited them in. Needless to say, it provided fodder for the imagination for quite some time.

But yeah, can do without the ajumma types. I do however appreciate the free water tissue they leave on the door.

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