Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nice Girls

At work there is this very Nice Girl.

She's bright, more intelligent than many of the other people I call colleagues. 

She graduated from a Good School.  She got Good Grades.

But she has a problem:

Lack of Self Esteem.

You see, despite her great pedigree and many opportunites, most of the men in the office steer a wide berth.

For one, she's too bright, and shows it.  Her tongue can cut steel.

For another, she's probably about 8-10 kilograms overweight.

In other words, she doesn't fit the image of the ideal Korean woman:

When asked, the guys at work say she's too much like a man and needs to lose weight.  However, If I wasn't already taken, I'd seriously consider it.  I see a gem in the rough.

But there is a problem.

She's becoming bitter, and reminds me of another Nice Girl I knew in my first year in Korea.

Hanna worked as the secretary of the institute that first employed me in the great ROK.  Competent, organized, capable. . .too capable.  She was 32 and unmarried, about 60-62 kgs, which is considered heavy for a Korean woman.  When asked by anyone who had taken the time to know her, her response was that she was still single because she didn't want to be someone's housekeeper.  Harsh.  Really it was because most guys would pass her over as not being sufficiently 'feminine'.

She proceeded to date most of the male waeg teachers at the institute until she was able to convince one of them to marry her for 2000 manners.  That's right, she paid some 26 year old guy nearly $20000 for a marriage of convenience.  She wanted out.

Now Doug was a slimball.  He knew that he had his lady over a barrel, and he took full advantage.  Hanna had no illusions as to the nature of their relationship, so either accommodated him or simply turned a blind eye.  All she cared about was that residency card.  I won't go into all the slimy, sordid details seeing as this is a family oriented site, but let's just say that she more than earned that get out of Korea card. 

While still married, Doug came back to teach at a different institute while Hanna stayed back and got certification as a pharmacy technician.  Doug certainly lived the life!  When Hanna found out what he had been up to, she promptly divorced his ass.  See, despite the original transactional nature of their relationship, she'd actually come to like the bastard.  Too bad for her.

Now she lives doling out pills and generally hates men. 

The moral of the story?  You got to be right with yourself.  I don't judge Hanna for wanting something more, and perhaps she is happier where she is now.  But she never has found a way to be right with herself, and is still bitter. 

I really hope the Nice Girl at work doesn't end up the same.


Anonymous said...

Who is the girl? In the photo. . .

Prestigee Korea said...

Before I came to Korea, I never fathomed marrying someone who didn't work or contribute to society. Now I enjoy having my own personal house cleaner!

F5Waeg said...

The photo is of Daul Kim

The F5sponseree works, which I think is great, and she has been generally happier with her life since going back.

Anonymous said...

She ain't hot. Why put a pic of some chic who killed herself? Lots of great pics out there of Kim Tae Hee, Lee Hyo Ri or Jeon Ji Hyeon.

F5Waeg said...

All the girls you mention are fine, if you like the cookie cutter variety.

Anonymous said...

She killed herself due to netizens bombing her weblog saying she was a disgrace to Korea for posing topless during a photo shoot

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