Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mr. Happy!

A reader by the name of TheTodd asked me a question here.  He seems to think that we may know each other from back in the day.  He also wondered if I looked down on E2 visa English teachers, and what I do for a living.

Seeing as I'm caught up for this week, let me attempt an answer.


I think you may have me confused with someone else although I wonder how, since as it is clearly visible, my awesomeness automatically excludes the potential for douchebaggery.  The person you describe in your post is obviously a douchebag, and thus we are not the same person.

I am not down on E2 Visa folks.  I used to be one.  I did the ESL circuit for a few years.  Then I got out.

I got tired of being characterized as this:

I think you have to the longer you stay in country, if you wish to preserve your sanity.  Or what's left of it.

I sympathize with my E2 brothers and sisters.  I know how soul crushing it can be selling out to some institute owner and singing ABCs playing hangman all day, going home to your small box of an apartment, being told you have AIDS, are a cancer only here to exploit, pillage and rape.

That can get to a person after awhile.

In fact, its enough to drive anyone completely bonkers in short order.

Luckily, many Koreans don't think that way, so take some comfort!

As for where I'm from or what I do, I'm sorry TheTodd, but that information is confidential.

I've been around the Korean blog circuit long enough to see what happens to waegs  posting about living in Korea.  Any waeg who has been here long enough has ample stories of threats against livelyhood or family made by crazies who think waegs should just be quiet.  We recently lost Mr. Wonderful himself!  His last post in still in Google cache, but I'll repaste here in case its lost:

Recently, I received a threat from a Korean netzien claiming that he and his buddies are going to track me down and run my name through the mud because they don't like An Idiot's Tale.

The internet is anonymous. So the guy who made this evil promise might actually be a white dude pretending he's a netzien.

Who knows?

If he is Korean, his anger is ironic.

I have the most pro-Korean blog on the peninsula.

I enjoy living on the peninsula. Plus I've always had a healthy affection for Her people.

Shit! I married a member of the tribe.

I think my twisted love-affair with the ROK comes through strongly in my blog.

But let's face facts. Netziens are crazy bullies who have literally driven people to suicide.

Furthermore, I have a family. So I can't take these threats lightly.

It would be different if I had the talent of Ernest Hemingway. Then I would have to continue writing for the good of mankind.

But I don't possess that type of skill. I'm just an entertaining hack killing time between classes.

I have no right to put The Dragon Lady and The Children of the Rice in jeopardy over a stupid website.

Some of you might call me a pussy. And maybe I am.

But there's no way in fucking hell that I want to face the ire of the Korean internet community. They'll rip poor old Mr. Wonderful a new asshole.

I'm scared. Plain and simple.

Nobody is more saddened by this sorry state of affairs than me.

However, all things must come to an end.

And I'm afraid it's time to kill An Idiot's Tale for the well-being of my family.

I'm not 100 percent certain. But I don't see any other option.

Anyway, best wishes.

And Blian Golden Balls to you all.

As for me being like Mr. Wonderful, I thank you for the generous compliment, even though I think its an exaggeration.  Mr. Wonderful is impossible to imitate, and to do so would be in poor taste and a hack job at best.  I do hope he comes back soon, since not only is he fun to read but I got a lot of traffic from his site.  With his new job he should clean out the pictures of himself and his wife from the blog though.  That kind of thing can come back and bite you in the ass later.

Anyway, if you don't like the name F5waeg, just call me Mr. Happy

He Looks Damn Happy!

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The Todd said...

Well thanks for answering me mr. Happy. I'm new to the blogosphere and enjoy reading your shit, I shit you not. You've just made my nipples hard for the rest of the day by giving me so much attention. Hope you didn't mistakenly think I was being a dick. Unfortanetly it's all part of my overwhelming Toddness, for I am The Todd. Link me and I'll link you.

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