Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mother-in-Law

I spoke a bit about my Mother-in-Law here

She lives with us, although most weekends she takes off.

Some of my waeg buddies can't believe that I'm cool with her living with us.

Why not?  She's pretty kind, makes great kimchi, helps the F5sponseree with the kids, and generally doesn't bother me too much.

When she does get on my case, for example to tell me how I shouldn't drink so much, or how I should quit smoking, I suddenly forget how to speak Korean.

She's trigged on to that one though: now she just gets one of the girls to tell me. 

She has had a shit life.  About a grade 5 education, growing up on a farm, husband incarcerated for several years during the Park Chung Hee era, sacrificing everything to raise her kids. . . I'm not going to give that woman any grief.

Did I mention she makes great kimchi?  Well, she does. 

She spends most of her days watching soaps on our 42" HDTV, hanging out with her halmoni buddies, or cooking. 

Every now and then I slip her an envelope with some cash in it.  I don't know if she gets that its supposed to be for her to have some fun, since inevitably she'll spend the next day and a good chunk of the cash whipping up some kamja tang or kalbi. 

I just say thanks and eat.

She's alright.  She's good to the girls, and doesn't mind when a troup of waegs shows up at the door.   So I got lucky there.

Some of my waeg buddies ask me if I don't feel outnumbered.  4:1 female / male is a skewed ratio.  I suppose it could be a problem for a guy with less awesomeness, or a weak sense of masculinity.

Not this waeg.

I have my man den (future post!), and I know when to be flexible and when to be a dick.  Generally though, I only have to act the latter once a month or three, so its all good.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice post. I applaud your easy going approach to things and I'm sure she's grateful. I think we have the makings of a good sitcom here. But only if Koreans didn't make it.

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