Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


After Lunch today I nearly totally lost it on a coworker.  And he did have it coming.

But I'm more forgiving than the average bear, and can overlook the shortcomings of my disadvantaged brethren.

I've been saddled with this pretty big project.  Everyone else was smart enough to realize it for the nuclear waste that it was and ran away.  I opened my big mouth and said I thought it was great.  Even offered suggestions.  Then it became my project.

Everyone in the office got to put their 2 won in on what they thought, what to include, how to approach etc.  Everything seemed settled on what needed to be done and why.

3 weeks after several meetings, round table discussions and email storms, 3 weeks after everything has been settled and I've invested a large number of hours into getting it sorted, the rumblings start.

"Maybe we should have done it this way"
"I can't exactly forecast how this will work out"
"How will this be successful"

All done behind the back or in private correspondance of course.  When called to put their reservations forward to the group, nothing is forthcoming.

If you think it sucks, say something!  Don't wait until we're three days from deadline to start shitting on it!  You mad we didn't use all your ideas?

I overheard this dude trashing the project to a senior coworker.  I was in part of the building that I rarely go to, and the look on his face when I walked around the corner was priceless.


I didn't say anything then, just asked a banal question about another project I've been working on.  But he knew.  He knew I had heard it all.  The look in his eye spoke of the day of reckoning close at hand!  I smiled and went back to my office.  We'll see how fast I run to help you out with some of your shit later brother.

What is it with whiny pole smoking rimjob artist waegs?  Do they hate themselves that much that they have to go out of their way to fuck with those of us who actually work for a living?  Too many times I hear waegs in Korea complaining about the dumbest shit.  Why can't they just adapt and stop being such negative nancies?

I should go back to running my own business.

Time for coffee.

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