Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So I caved and didn't do any of the shit I planned for my extra work schedule.

This will cause problems since I'll have to do double time to catch up over the next few days. 

But kamja tang, playing cards with the kids, and the Max were calling.  You deserve a break today!

All work and no play, so they say.

I'm four beers in spiked with a mini Jack I found hidden in my authentic Tilley hat in the famvan.

We played crazy 8s.  All three of us won a game, imagine that.  While playing I stealthily implanted the idea that watching Here comes Science for the 8000th time was what they totally wanted to do.  While they did that I watched a vapid movie called Jonah Hex.

I was prepared to trash it.  It was more enjoyable than anticipated.  I love that cultural appropriation shit where the white guy steals some skewed version of Native spirituality and adds guns and a bad ass attitude.  Avatar was awesome.

I gave the girls a break from their homework tonight cuz the eldest was feeling under the weather.  I kept thinkin of those little shits I saw earlier that pulled that Hi Hello crap on me.  I thought of this:

The eldest has had Gabe classes, art classes, Korean language classes and gone to a cooperative kindergarten before hittin grade 1.  We send her to this small elementary school in the countryside so she won't be freaked out by spiders and snakes.

The youngest gets art and the cooperative kindergarten.  The Gabe toys are now uncool, since payin the teacher to come in often misses the point.  The teachers just prompt the kids to build stoopid shit that can be shown off as results to the parents.  Still, playtime is fun, and we haven't ruled it out.  The youngest aint too freaked out by spiders and snakes naturally, but she'll still do the small school in the country.  Fuck the moms' associations at all the trendy elementary schools.

Total cost per month: 100 manners.  That doesn't include the encyclopediae, books, puzzles and toys.  That's cheap.  We get a deal on Korean classes, since the F5sponseree is an F5sponseree, and we don't get gouged on English.  Luckily we're only paying for one to go to the cooperative kindergarten right now.

I know some families that pay 200-300 manners a month per kid.  Insane.

Fluent English speaking is essentially the equivalent of learning Chinese 6-8 hundred years ago. 

I'm sure there are plenty of smart kids from poor families out there that are totally getting fucked by it. 

I'm definitely not going to spend that on basic education for my girls.  I am gonna teach them how to figure it out for themselves.  This seems to be a problem for most Korean kids.

They expect to be told how to do it, what with all the teachers, institutes, and Confucianism weighing down heavy on em.  Not to mention rags informed by  the likes of No Cut News.

The free spirited ones with their own ideas get lost in the cracks.

Here's hoping that noise changes.

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