Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Yesterday I was talking with a buddy of mine.  He just moved into a new place and was laughing at the amount of texts he was receiving from his wife about all the stuff she was buying on GMarket.

I can relate.  The F5sponseree goes a little crazy there from time to time.  She lost her password for a while which was ok by me.

Luckily she remembered it in time to buy all the cool halloween stuff we got this year.

Ebay bought it in 2009, but they haven't integrated the two sites.  I know a guy who makes a pretty decent living by buying on GMarket and selling on Ebay.

I don't often go there myself, but you should.  Spend lots of money.  Tell them F5Waeg sent you.

This has been a paid advertisement brought to you by GMarket all rights reserved 2010


Anonymous said...

Do you know? Korea is best for deliver. If you want something - something can bring to your door by someone. If you want food - all can be delivery. Chicken, pizza, China food, pork cutlet, and even you can out the dish and deliver guy can come get to that one more time. You don't have to wash the dish or throw away the stuff. So Korea is best country for deliver. The item from internet can come so fast, it can be a surprise. Many people never go to the shop nowadays, and even buy the shoes from the online.

ANd you know what also can be deliver, if you are lonely and want coffee and sandwhich at the lunch? Maybe foreigner don't know about this special thing in Korea, because just usually the English teacher and not business men. But it is very very special.... Can you guess it??~*^,^* Even GIRL can be delivery! Just you can try!

The Todd said...

Why do Koreans constantly think that these kinds of things are unique to their culture? Newsflash - you can get pizza and Chinese food delivered in almost every country. And hookers deliver themselves last time I checked. Hardly something Korea needs to be proud of when every elementary school in the nation is a stones throw from what the F1 crowds are referring to as "brothels."

China has a much better delivery system that Korea. You can even get beer, plane tickets, and groceries delivered within the hour.

Do you know? Korea has four seasons! WTFC?!

Anonymous said...

Uhm, Todd, I think that was a send up.

Prestigee Korea said...

Korean Hookers don't deliver themselves, they usually come in a taxi, or on the backs of motorcycles. =)

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