Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Ride!

On my way home tonight I was flagged down by one of the workers at the factory next to the office.

He asked if he could get a ride into town.  Being a nice guy, I happily obliged him.

He was very thankful.  There were about 15 thank yous in the space of 5 minutes.

No problem, dude.

Then he apologized for speaking in Daegu satori.  Satori is basically a regional dialect.  Every province has one.  One of my waeg buddies speaks in perfect Gangwon satori.  I like to tease him about it.  Hes been working on cleaning it up, but he learned it on his in-laws farm, and old habits are hard to break.

Now, some of this guys words were a bit odd, but I had no problem and told him so.  He was amazed I could understand him so well.  Hey no problem my man! 

The only satori I've ever had trouble with was Jeju.  That's like an entirely different language!

In a spirit of comradery, I tried to make a funny: I like Daegu, I said.  Its pretty damn tasty:

Pacific Cod.  Yummy!
He didnt laugh.

Things got a bit frosty.  He asked me where I was from.  I changed the subject and turned up the Pink Floyd.  I took him into town and dropped him off where he needed to go.

I like picking up hitchhikers in Korea.  My favorite story was the time I picked up this halmoni in the middle of nowhere.  As she got in the famvan a powerful wave of ganja came in with her.  It was overpowering, and judging by the rustling of paper bags under her coat, Im sure she was carrying.  She really had no idea where she was going, and led me all over the place.  After doubling back a couple of times, I eventually dropped her off about 3 miles from where I picked her up.

Hitchhiking isnt the same as back home; dont stick out your thumb for one.  Just wave at passing cars the same way you would a taxi.  Someone will eventually stop and pick you up, and you can meet some interesting people that way.  Caveat: it only works if youre in the countryside somewhere.

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