Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I went to the Emart in my town for the first time in two months.  As usual, I ended up spending too much money.

I'm no Emart aficionado, but the one in my town sucks ass.

Now you kids out there may want to pay attention, this post will serve as an example on how to get sued in Korea.  No bad mouthing anything!

As I was saying, the Emart in my town truly blows.  The fruit and vegetables inevitably come with their own colony of fruit flies, the staff are usually surly, if we go too often the girls start humming the 'Happy, Happy, Emarteu!' song at home, and everything is outrageously expensive.

I'm a Costco guy.  I go once every 4-6 weeks to stock on what I need (future post).  If I need anything else during the week or fresh vegetables, I usually hit the Hanaro mart not too far from my place or head down to the early morning 5 day markets for amazingly fresh and cheap produce.

Emart is considered kind of special because they carry stuff like Australian cheese, imported beer and coffee.  This was why I went this time: I needed more java and didn't feel like going to one of the rotisseries in town and have no time for the next two weeks to hit Costco.  There is great coffee to be had in my town, but the rotisseries sell it for 6000 won per 100 g.  I thought I could do better at Emart.

I could have, if I wanted to drink hazelnut flavored Blue Mountain shite.  I truly despise hazelnut.

So I took a chance and bought two bags, one Columbian the other Ethiopian.  Total cost: 22000 won for 450 grams.  Shoula gone to one of the rotisseries.  This was made very plain as soon as I opened one of the bags this morning.  Before even grinding it, I knew it was too old and was third rate coffee.

This was the second time I've been to Emart in about 5 months.  I've noticed that they've begun stocking a more diverse selection of wares, such as dried cranberries, hot sauces and other western style goods.  Almost exactly what you can find at Costco in fact, although the portions are smaller, cost a LOT more, and are generally grossly inferior in quality.  Although that Australian cheese is pretty damn fine I will admit.  9400 won for a small block.

Anyway, some people like to wax on about the Emart and how it is so cheap and awesome.  Nuts I say.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I get so irritated cos if I want to cook something I need to go to emart , then home plus, then some random store to get all the ingredients. Actually I hate home plus even more. It's like the entire store exists to make one pot of 김치찌개 ㅠㅠ

F5Waeg said...

haha so true. . . although Homeplus is the Wonj is aight for baking supplies and has a great selection of imported beers and cider

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