Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This morning I hit a deer on the way to work.

Ok, it wasn't this morning, but I did see one sprawled out on the road.  I live and travel in country areas, but seeing or hitting a deer still isn't that common.

This type of deer was a goranee, or water deer.  My buddy said that it was sad to see a baby deer get it, but I assured him that was the size of a full grown adult of that species.

I did hit one a few years back while driving near Hongcheon at night.  Thing just ran out and smack, nice clean hit, barely registered a dent on my car.  The only evidence consisted of a few hairs stuck in between where the bumper met the chassis.

My first thought had been: I could eat that.  But then the practicalities of loading it into the back of the famvan and slaughtering it in my bathtub came home.  I'd probably get blood all over the back of the famvan and the bathroom would smell of blood and entrails for months.  So I sadly pulled it off the road and chucked it into the bushes.  The funny thing was when I got home and told the F5sponseree, she said: "we coulda eaten that".  Little things like that remind me why I chose to impregnate this woman.

There is a nice pair of Noru or roe deer near the office; the male has a nice set of antlers.  They always hang out in this one spot on the other side of the mountain.  But generally seeing anything bigger than the goranee is rare, and it's not much bigger than a medium to large size dog.  I occasionally ask some of my Korean buds why that is, and the answers are generally blank stares.  I figure that a civil war with limited agricultural production is going to end up in the decimation of any edible species, but usually when I bring that up I'm chastized for not understanding Korea.  Oh well, makes sense to me.


Beaner said...

Now that my wife moved back for the US Gubmint job, she shipped my compound bow. I also have my hunting arrows with the razor broadheads... deer might just be on the plate or freezer sometime this year.

F5Waeg said...

Apparently its not only considered bad luck to go out and kill one, but also illegal. May want to check up on that first

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