Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Monday, October 25, 2010


This morning I played the Korean version of chicken for the 12000th time.  The outcome of every game is never predictable, which makes it a very fun game to play.

Some streets in Korean cities are nice and wide.  But many look like the picture on the left. 

If you find yourself playing a game of chicken, remember that the flow of traffic arrows painted on the road are only suggestions, and do not indicate which person should have the right of way.

This is great since if a particular street is a good shortcut, feel free to gun down it at mach 4.

Now some may argue that the person with the most expensive or biggest car is automatically the winner in a game of chicken.

Poo poo to that I say. 

If you find yourself playing chicken, the best thing to do is to simply not move and hope that another car comes up behind you.  Whoever gets the most cars piling up behind them is the obvious winner.  You should never honk or curse at the car facing you, since the people piling up behind will do so for you.  This way you get to keep serene and you don't lose face.  If the driver of the car facing you begins cursing and honking, the best bet is to just stare impassively at them.  This will only make them freak out more.  You will thus win the game of chicken, even if you end up having to maneuver your vehicle into some small nook.

However, if possible, under no circumstances should you try to move over to let a car pass.  If you do this, the cars that come behind you will simply box you in and drive past, thus costing you valuable time and face.

And remember, if you are the one who must back down and move, be sure to glare at the drivers as they pass.  Since you lost the game of chicken, you can at least take consolation in that.

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Anonymous said...

I am the Korean from concern citizen group to clean the asshole driving on load. If you foreign men driving very bed in Korea, you need learn the many law,and listen GPS lady carefully. She can tell about when police is there, or many thing about turning to the right prace. Also if you are very boring, you can watching the TV. Just I think you need that when you writing about silly chicken game. In Korea, we don't have this kind of drive activity because so danger, so please don't joking about that. Okay? Just I am warning you about bed driver on the load.

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