Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, October 29, 2010


This post isn't about your typical institute owner.

No, this post is about the scourge of autumn:

It always seems to be in fall when these little whores insects are at their worst.

The ones with the blue bodies are the worst: getting stung by one of those leaves a huge nasty welt.

They come in through the drains.  You can spray the drains daily with enough F-Killa to down a medium size dog, but still they come.  One of our bathrooms is on the master bedroom, so we have to keep the door closed at all times so as to not inhale all the toxins I spray and to keep the bloodsucking fuckers out.

Even still, as soon as you hit the pillow, they divebomb your head repeatedly, and you wake up in the morning with bruises from slapping yourself in the face so many times.

Last night was no exception.

The F5sponseree, bless her, decided to try out a new solution: apparently, if you place drops of peppermint essential oil around the bed, this will keep the little bloodsucking beasts away.  This is one reason I like to keep some peppermint and spearmint plants growing in my balcony garden, it does repel some of the bugs.  If this worked, I woulda been ready to pour a barrel of the shit down every single drain in the house.

Thing is, as she was flicking drops of peppermint around the bed, she flicked a nice fat drop right into my eye.

FUCK that stang.  I rinsed my eye out for more than 10 minutes.  In the process I'm sure 50 more of the little fuckers flew into our room.

My eye burned for a good 4 hours.  During that whole time, little whining bloodsucking flying beast fucks kept at me. 

I'm a little tired today.

But my eye is better.

Time for coffee.

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